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The app trends that shaped 2022

Sprint Digital 15 Feb, 2023

The digital world is a fast-moving one, and this includes the development of new apps that quickly become a part of our everyday lives. 2022 was a particularly interesting year, bringing apps into the mainstream that were previously created for niche audiences. 

Here are the app trends that shaped the digital landscape in 2022.

Top App Trends By Category

There were a number of apps that dominated 2022, but none so more than these top picks. From gaming to finance, here are the app trends that were at the forefront of the last twelve months.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) continued to dominate the app development scene in 2022 and even overflowed onto other popular apps including TikTok and Instagram, where AI portrait trends showed just how powerful this new technology has become. On a more practical level, AI improved user experience in the past year by enabling personalisation and recommendation systems, while ML increased the accuracy of data analysis and decision-making. 

From chatbots to predictive analytics, AI and ML have opened up new avenues for app development, making it easier for businesses to connect with their customers.

Mobile Health & Fitness Apps

Self-care has become an increasingly important concern since the beginning of the pandemic, causing many of us to look inward and see that our health and mental wellness should be our top priority. This fuelled the popularity of mobile health and fitness apps in 2022 in both professional and personal settings – doctors created apps to allow for online bookings, personal trainers and gyms presented app-based workouts and recipes, and plenty of apps encouraged users to keep a track of their thoughts and emotions and reflect upon them. 

Mobile health and fitness apps have now become an essential tool for people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Many of these apps work as standalone technology or pair with pre-existing external tech such as the Apple Watch to track physical activity, monitor sleep patterns, and provide nutrition information, making it easier for users to achieve their health and fitness goals.

On-Demand Services Apps

On-demand services apps continued to be popular in 2022 and the trend is only set to continue through 2023 and beyond. These apps have made it easier for consumers to access a wide range of services, from ordering food and transportation to booking appointments and shopping online. With the rise of on-demand services, businesses have been able to reach a wider audience and improve their customer experience.

Government lockdowns also played a large role in the popularity of food and grocery delivery apps, since individuals who were isolating due to the pandemic had few other choices, but their popularity has remained since so many people came to realise their convenience and potential.

eCommerce Apps

E-commerce apps also saw significant growth in 2022. With more consumers shopping online, businesses have been able to increase their reach and revenue via dedicated eCommerce apps that make the user experience a more enjoyable one. eCommerce apps have made it easier for consumers to find and purchase products, and for businesses to manage their sales and inventory.

Travel Apps

Once lockdowns were lifted, people began to dream about seeing the world once more. These apps aimed to make travel more accessible by making it easier to book trips, find accommodation, and pay for it all in one spot. Other travel app trends included apps that provided hints and tips on where to eat (such as Happy Cow, which helps vegetarians and vegans find suitable restaurants no matter which country they’re in) or experiences to enjoy.

AR Apps

Both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) apps took off in 2022, significantly boosting user experiences. The global market for both AR and VR is predicted to reach over 250 billion USD by 2028, meaning that more developers are finding ways to incorporate this new technology into their apps, particularly retail and eCommerce apps.

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