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A breakdown of mobile app development costs

Sprint Digital 18 Jan, 2023

The digital world runs on apps, offering an excellent means of collaboration via Cloud-based technology. Whether you’re a delivery company that needs to connect with customers and provide real-time updates, or you’re a building company that needs to track projects, expenditure and more, the right mobile app can really benefit your business.

But how much does the average mobile app development project cost? 

Average app development costs: An overview

The cost of a mobile app made for you from scratch can vary depending on what you need it to do – but in general, the more complex an app, the more it’s going to cost to build. There’s really no such thing as free app development, as it is a highly sought-after skill and a good developer will want to take the time to create a product that works well for you. Large companies can spend upwards of $1M on a mobile app, whereas smaller apps can be around the $100,000 mark – it all depends on the complexities. In Australia, typical mobile app development is between $50,000 and $250,000.

You also need to recognise that the cost of mobile app development doesn’t start and finish with the coding: to see a return on the thousands of dollars you’ll likely need to spend, you’ll also need to get the word out and possibly spend money advertising your app to new users.

Here’s a closer look at what’s involved in mobile app development and the breakdown of some costs.

A breakdown of typical costs

App Design, Coding, etc.

At Sprint Digital, our team of experts have years of experience in developing high-end apps for Android and iOS platforms. We understand the needs of our clients and deliver solutions that are not only feature-rich but also user-friendly. We want our apps to be a joy to use.

The first step to determining a price point for your dream app is to get in touch with our talented team. We’ll give you a better breakdown of pricing as we work together on your new project.

Server Fees

Server fees can vary quite a bit, from less than $100 a month right through to $10k (or more if you’re a very large business, such as a bank or supermarket). This cost has a lot to do with your app’s content, the number of active users, and the expected growth of the app. There are a number of different hosting environments, so it’s best to hunt around and see which option best suits your budget.

App Maintenance

As your business changes, so will your app’s requirements – which is where the cost of app maintenance comes in. You will also need to make changes when Google and Apple iOS change requirements on their end. When you work with Sprint Digital for your mobile app development, we’ll recommend a budget you should be working to each year to allow for maintenance of your app.

Apple and Android Host Costs

Compared to other mobile app development costs, the cost of hosting your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store is very affordable. Google will charge you a one-time fee of USD$25, whilst you’re looking at USD$99 a year to have your app on the Apple store.

Additional Services

If you choose to opt in for third-party additions to your app, you could potentially also be paying hundreds of dollars for these per year. 

What affects the cost of my mobile app development?

There are a few factors that can impact the cost of your app development. These include:

  • Your budget

  • Time constraints/timelines

  • Complexity of your app

  • Quality assurance

  • Whether you need the app to function on Apple iOS, Android, or both.

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