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The Sprint Digital Client Portal gives clients secure access to our innovative and dynamic project management system.

Designed in house and developed by our team of software developers, The Sprint Digital Client Portal gives our clients the ability to securely access important information about their project, at their convenience 24 hours a day, via desktop or mobile app.

We pride ourselves on ensuring full transparency with all clients and stakeholders across each and every project. To achieve this vision, we have included features in our custom-built portal that give clients the ability to view a live itemised project breakdown, for tasks in progress or completed.
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The Sprint Digital Client Portal details the deployment status of software features, along with the ability to request additional features without leaving the portal. To manage tasks completed and better track milestones the portal also features the ability to generate daily, weekly or monthly breakdowns of work completed that can be sent to an email inbox of the clients choosing. We are firm believers that clear and concise communication is a key component to success with any project, in light of this we have included a live chat feature on the portal that allows direct access with our development team.
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