The Herd Online

Engaging App Install Promotions

The Herd Online is an online agricultural trading marketplace service, where customers have central access to livestock and sale yard information across Australia. The Herd’s recent mobile app build, they approached Sprint Digital’s marketing team to boost brand awareness and encourage app installations on iOS and Android devices. The Herd Online’s mobile app includes bidding functionalities, live chat, the ability to listen to market reports and much more.

See our software development work for The Herd Online

By understanding their brand through our software development work, our Brisbane digital marketing team was able to create and build effective B2C marketing strategies, with a goal to increase app installs across different devices.

We gained insights into their current database, to help us to combine compelling copy and hyper-targeted ad creative for the right audiences and locations. Our Brisbane digital marketers created a comprehensive marketing funnel, built from brand awareness, right down to app installs and retargeting. Through social media marketing and Google search and display, we’ve managed to establish the right audiences, who will not only download the app, but become frequent users of The Herd Online.

From our campaigns, we have managed to get our app downloads at 0.75c per conversion, and we anticipate an increase of growth the more we continue to build up those audiences and implement them into our marketing funnel.