Powerful B2B Social Media Strategies

The Nomergy Wellness Technology platform allows their clients and establishments to enjoy the benefits of having their very own app completely customised, to enrich the experience of its users, whether it’s a gym or entire corporate wellness program. Nomergy Wellness Technology is a business providing meal plans, fitness programs, mindset content and more via a mobile application.

Nomergy work with fitness providers to provide a one stop shop for fitness technology, and that’s where we come in. They engaged us to build a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to generate brand awareness and encourage user interaction.

By understanding their brand through our previous software development work, our digital marketing team was able to create and build effective B2B and B2C marketing strategies. With a goal to increase users on the platform, our online marketers built a dynamic social media funnel to personalise the experience of their potential clients, first starting with brand awareness.

We gained insights into the user experience, to help us to combine compelling copy and hyper-targeted campaigns for our target markets. Through content creation, we experimenting with the use of images, graphics and videos to see what resonated most with their audiences. With current success, our marketers will continue to increase sales while positioning the brand as the go-to fitness technology.

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