My First Gym

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

MyFirstGym is the leaders of kids fitness and wellness with a mission to inspire movement in kids across the world. They needed a comprehensive traditional and digital marketing strategy to match their growing success. <br><br>Since the brand’s inception, we’ve worked with MyFirstGym to create, manage and deliver an extensive marketing plan from design and expertise, through the use of SEO, content creation, social media ads, email marketing, videography, photography and much more.

We have worked with MyFirstGym from the very beginning, making valuable leaps in their business through brand management and digital marketing. Our digital marketers continued to ensure that they kept up with the latest trends in technology to reflect back into the company. Through comprehensive digital marketing strategies, our digital marketers took a look at MyFirstGym’s competition and found ways to streamline their workflow and make the experience magical for each and every member.

Our marketing team have achieved many successes through digital marketing such as reducing their average cost per lead by 62% over 3 months, acquiring at least 80+ leads a month per gym and achieved being in the top 3 on SERP for all of their keywords, through our SEO strategies, brand awareness and acquisition ads.

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