On Solar Australia

Enagaging Solar Campaigns

OnSolar provides expert solar panel solutions to commercial and residential clients across Australia. In order to grow and scale their business to reach their business objectives, our Brisbane digital marketers worked with OnSolar to establish the gap in their previous marketing strategy and put an actionable strategy in place to bridge this gap.

To do this, our digital marketing strategists looked at their current lead volume and what source they could be attributed to. This was important for two reasons, firstly to get a gauge of how far OnSolar was from reaching their lead objective overall. Secondly to see which lead sources were underperforming or were not suitable for OnSolar to reach their desired cost per lead and lead volume.

From there, our digital marketers analysed the competition and what OnSolar pitched to their prospective clients whether that be price, quality, warranties or all of it at once. Our marketers then looked at OnSolar’s database and the solar industry at large to establish audience segments we could for our social media and search marketing campaigns.

So now, at Sprint Digital we knew what our competitors are doing, we know who our target market is and have a method for reaching them, the next step is to find out how we as OnSolar can appeal to them. Competition is high, so why us? At this stage, our social media marketers went through a SWOT analysis with OnSolar to find what they do better than the rest and how this meets their client’s needs.

The result speaks for itself, a 157% increase in leads over 3 months with a cost per lead reduction of 66%, across both Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram. Our digital marketers anticipate even more growth as we continue building a strong audience and healthy lead funnel.