Rochele Painting

Business Workflow Automation

Rochele Painting is a leading premier painting company in Queensland providing both commercial and residential painting services. After being in business for 40 years, they wanted to modernise their operations by digitising their quote and job management processes.

Our software developers built a brand new automation platform with an accompanying iPad application which automated their booking process and digitised their workflows.

With a new booking form on the Rochele Painting website, potential customers are now able to book quote appointments, which are automatically assigned to estimators. Using the iPad app, estimators can see their schedule of appointments, build quotes on-site and provide customers with comprehensive quotes digitally within minutes. Upon the commencement of a job, supervisors can then report on the progress of the job using the iPad application, which feeds into a timeline viewable by the customer to keep track of their job.

Through this project, our software development team were able to do a complete overhaul on their manual processes and remove their reliance on paper-based documents. By digitising their customer and job management workflow, our web developers provided them with a streamlined solution that has since allowed them to save money in overhead costs, saving them up to $500k a year.

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