My First Gym

Custom Fitness Hardware Solution

MyFirstGym is the leader in kids fitness and wellness with a mission to inspire movement in kids across the globe. Our software developers created and developed an engaging, interactive tech ecosystem with a focus on gamification, for MyFirstGym that allows them to provide a unique and fun experience to their members and their parents.

Our software development team developed the MyMovementBuddy – a customised wearable fitness tracker that communicates with the MFG mobile app and in-club scanner app. We built these systems so that they communicate with a cloud server connected to the in-club display panels, showing real-time fitness statistics – meant to drive healthy competition and gamify the gym experience for kids. The system also integrates with an internal custom-built member portal which allows MyFirstGym to track member engagement and growth, as well as integrating with their current gym membership CRM.

Developing these products has given us the opportunity to work directly with hardware manufacturers to build systems and wearables that communicate with BLE hardware.

Working with MyFirstGym since their inception has allowed us to witness their growth from a single local community club to multiple franchise locations around Australia, and across the world. As well as seeing what future technology advancements they may want and need with this ever-growing franchise.

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