The Bod

Seamless Fitness Mobile Application

The Bod is an app created by author, fitness model and nutritionist Sophie Guidolan. The Bod was designed to be a one stop shop for ladies fitness, offering over 100+ recipes, 500+ workouts along with the capability to track dieting and workout progress. Our team was approached to rebuild The Bod, with a focus on a fresh look while greatly improving the overall user experience of the app.

Our team worked closely with Sophie to create a user interface for The Bod that didn’t just look fantastic and aligned perfectly with the brand but also offered best in class user experience. With a focus on empowering women to achieve their health and fitness goals, the aim was to make using The Bods range of features seamless to encourage daily use.

The ‘My Nutrition’ feature gives each user the ability to choose between flexible dieting using a Macro Calculator to track their intake or follow a set meal plan to take the guesswork out of nutrition. Due to the frequency of use required by users to log and check their meals, it was paramount that this process is seamless and easy for users so they can log and quickly get on with their busy routines.

With nutrition taken care of, we turned our attention to creating a feature that allowed users to keep on top of their fitness journey, by integrating with Apple Health to track measurements and weight loss achievements. To keep users in the right mindset, users can also upload progress shots to track their progress as they continue their fitness journey.

Knowing what to eat and when can be one of the toughest parts of dieting, so to make it easy for users trying to slim down and trim up The Bod includes over 100 recipes created by accredited nutritionists. Every one of these recipes comes with a complete nutritional breakdown, allowing users to accurately track their intake and plan their meals appropriately. To make shopping as easy as using the app itself, the recipe section includes interactive shopping lists to assist users to stick to their plan and buy ingredients with minimal fuss.

With a growing user base and endless opportunity for new features to further engage and empower users, our team can’t wait to keep working on The Bod.

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