Your Boating Buddy

GPS Tracking Boating App

Your Boating Buddy is an iOS and Andriod mobile application with a mission to improve maritime safety through live location tracking. Whether sailing, powerboating, cruising, rock fishing, kayaking, rowing, jet skiing, Your Boating Buddy ensures you and your family enjoy recreational boating the safest way possible. <br><br>Their existing app had very basic tracking functionalities and was not meeting the client’s expectations. So, Your Boating Buddy approached Sprint Digital intending to get our app developers and graphic designers to design and build a better implementation of their existing product.

Our Brisbane iOS and Android app developers sat down with Your Boating Buddy to see what the current product is and what the new idea of the project was to scope out features, costs and deadlines. Our app developers implemented real time tracking on the application, using GPS tracking, with the idea of enabling family and friends to know exactly where users are while they are on the water. Another feature our app developers implemented was in-depth journey details so that users can keep a log using location pins, of directions, speed, distance travelled since tracking was enabled, user names and date/times stamps. An additional feature was a live chat option so that users can text and voice to text, to monitor and communicate what is happening in the area with other users.

Our Brisbane app developers also implemented quick emergency alerts to indicate issues when out on the water, as well as a community global map to see who is on the water, including a search function by location, area and user name.

We are extremely grateful to have worked with Your Boating Buddy, to give them an application that they were very happy with. We can’t wait to continue with Your Boating Buddy to implement new features to help those on the water stay calm and safe.

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