GPS Tracking Delivery Platform

Through mobile app development and software development, our software development team built Fleet. Fleet is a web and app platform designed to help businesses deliver items and manage their logistics efficiently. Our software development team created and built this platform with the idea of providing the best experience for their clients and customers. 

At Sprint Digital, we specialise in business automation by creating all-encompassing solutions to save businesses time and money. With Fleet, that was no exception. Our software development team first started the project with a workshop phase to find ways to streamline operations and provide the best user experience to the users of Fleet. We did this by mapping out the current workflows to help identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization within Fleet. We conducted market research with businesses in our target market to see what makes them tick, and what features would benefit them.

We gave the application a competitive edge by integrating auto-routing – allowing multiple jobs to be created and assigned to a particular driver with instant notifications. This allows the application to automatically and efficiently route journeys and present them in the correct order in the app. 

Leveraging industry-standard frameworks, we built a robust and scalable web and mobile app for Fleet. Our developers integrated GPS tracking to allow location-awareness, enabling the application to automatically assign drivers jobs without having to pick up the phone. 

Fleet is fully equipped with proof of delivery functionality. With each consignment, the application presents options to add delivery notes, photographs and digital signatures. We also offer white-labelling options, where companies can take the Fleet platform and brand it to their company without the cost of developing their own custom application. 

Does this sound like something you need for your business? Take a look and download the Fleet app to start managing your orders and deliveries today.