Rochele Painting

Legacy modernisation & native app build

Helping Rochele Painting modernise their processes, writing a new digital chapter in their history as one of the key players in the painting industry.


Ongoing Partnership


Legacy Modernisation

iPad Native App

The problem

Starting out as a family-run company, Rochele Painting has been in business for the last 40 years. While their long legacy has made them a key player in the painting industry, they found that existing paper-based system was not efficient enough to support their plans for growth.

The solution

We helped Rochele Painting digitise their entire workflow by doing away with handwritten paper quotes and moving their entire operation to cloud-based software. Rochele Painting customers now enjoy a seamless digital experience from the moment they book an appointment to when their project is complete, and Rochele Painting now have access to rich data that gives them the insight to make the best business decisions.

Next project

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