Snap Fitness

Fitness & nutrition app for Snap Fitness members

Increasing member retention and engagement through a one-stop fitness and wellness app.


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App Development

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The problem

Snap Fitness came to us, through their parent company Lift Brands, wanting to build a fitness tracking app for their members. Facing stiff competition in the saturated fitness app market, Snap Fitness knew that they wanted their product to stand out from the crowd in form and function.

The solution

Using this app, members are able to set goals, track their fitness activity and unlock club rewards. But that's not all - members also get access to workout programs tailored to their goals, delicious recipes for every diet, and wellness articles for a healthy body and mind. Introducing this app has helped Snap Fitness increase member retention by adding value to their members' gym experience.

Next project

Rochele Painting

Legacy modernisation & native app build