Service Level Agreements

Technology requirements are constantly evolving and therefore, so does the delivery of our software development services. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are formal, or informal, contracts between us and a business, that define the scope of work and key responsibilities. At Sprint Digital, we use SLAs to ensure the efficiency and efficacy of our business operations to maintain seamless IT functionality, and for both of us to work towards your business’ success.

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SLA Practises

For our technology consultants to develop an effective SLA, we identify your business’ in-scope processes by understanding the steps required within each sprint. In a contractually-binding document, both businesses will define standard expectations through establishing timing requirements, hardware, payment and measurable outcomes, to provide complete transparency, as well as detailing your business’ development priorities.

Our SLAs have a guaranteed maximum response time of one hour for emergencies with a 4 hour resolution if critical unless otherwise stated.

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Get dedicated hours, guarenteed reponse times, good reports and plan development with our sofrware developers. Contact us today for more information regarding our SLAs, and see how we can help your business.

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